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Managing Care for Children in Child Welfare

As studies have shown, children involved in the child welfare system have acute medical and behavioral health needs far exceeding the normal population. These children have suffered trauma from abuse, neglect and abandonment.  Many of them have not had routine, preventative medical and dental care, and a disproportionate number of these children suffer from mental health and substance abuse disorders.  


Because of the acute needs of the child welfare population, the privatized child welfare agencies (known as CBC Lead Agencies) approached health maintenance organizations and provider service networks to discuss ways in creating a Medicaid "specialty" plan designed specifically for this population.  In 2013, the Agency for Health Care Administration released procurements for specialty plan bids specifically for children involved in the child welfare system.


CBCIH partnered with Sunshine Health who was awarded the child welfare specialty plan in all 11 regions across Florida.Today CBCIH in partnership with Sunshine Health is operating the statewide Medicaid specialty plan through innovative services, data exchanges, and technological innovations.

The mission of CBCIH is to improve the lives of all children in the child welfare system through comprehensive physical and behavioral health care services, integrated coordination of care and innovative technologies.

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